Our solutions start from a single component and extend right through to a complete project.


Oil & Gas

Pedco were approached by one of our clients to create an inner frame for a 40ft container, which was required to withstand 58,000L of water pressure.

Their challenge was to determine whether it would be possible to repair the container, or have to replace it.

Our solution was to design, manufacture and install modifications to the existing container that would be cheaper than replacing the container

The Pedco solution worked as intended. The container actually went beyond specification, withstanding in excess of 80,000L of water pressure.

Mining & Minerals

Pedco were asked to manufacture an improved ‘Cyclone Distributor & Lid’ This prototype would be used to evenly distribute material in mineral processing activities.

The improved unit would experience less abrasive wear thus allowing longer operation times between shutdowns.

The tolerances required for this project were at +/-0.3mm from source drawings.

Pedco successfully met both the design and cost constraints of our client and prototype will save Australian mining companies in both maintenance costs and downtime